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This is not about me trying to change you, or you trying to change me - this is about us learning to relate.

Sometimes, the most powerful solution is also the simplest. Instead of clinging to conference tables and laptops, I employ a straightforward method: the "conversation on feet." This ensures that all voices are heard, and the wisdom of the group as a whole emerges.

The result? In-depth decisions that are widely embraced and immediately actionable. All of this without fuss, power games, or shallow consensus. It's simplicity that leads to greatness.

This method is perfect for your team or organization if:

  • You value inclusivity.

  • Long-term collaboration is a priority.

  • Decision-making needs to consider the diverse needs and interests of all stakeholders.

And it's also an excellent choice if:

  • You need to take urgent action and have no time to waste.

  • Your team is willing to set aside traditional meetings and digital tools to quickly get to the essence and make decisions that are widely supported.

Deep democracy for better decisions.




The space of Deep Democracy

Are you faced with a decision or a complicated conversation? I facilitate the 'conversation on feet'.

  • Complexity: this approach is highly suitable for situations involving complex subjects, profound content, and various stakeholders.

  • Culture change: I assist with culture change, actively involving all relevant stakeholders.

  • Unspoken conversations: my expertise lies in surfacing and facilitating the important yet unspoken conversations.

  • Methods: I utilize proven methods from Myrna Lewis and Organizational Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC), and in the case of large groups, collaborate with a colleague.

  • Process design: I design the process, thoroughly prepare for it, and work alongside the teams to achieve the objectives.

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