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leadership development
for change that matters

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Developing leaders

I train and coach leaders to be the leader they want to be. You get the knowledge and skills to give the best version of yourself. For you and your environment. 

Shaping change

I shape organizational change. To achievements that make you happy. With an eye for growth of people and results in our changing world. 

Develop teams

I train and coach teams that want to be proud of their collaboration and achievements.  Which together realize change with impact. 

"She surprised me time and time again with new angles, and even more so how she stimulated me to my own new and refreshing insights. This removed the barrier to applying it in practice. Geertruyt knows what she is talking about, has an infectious_cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_enthusiasm, and a heart-warming sense of humour!"

Guy Winchester, SNS REAAL


What we do works. That is why we work with a beautiful variety of people, teams and organizations. Our clients are international, local, commercial, non-profit, government and education institutions. 

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About us

We love investing in other people. People who love to see change that matters. Change with real impact.In organizations, in teams, in individuals. We start with your story. 


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