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Geertruyt Stokes

Self-employed | Amsterdam | 1971 | Change expert | Team coach | Executive coach | Deep democracy | Fascination for leadership, culture and change

Cultural transformation

As a consultant, I'm mainly asked for complex change challenges. My ability to navigate diverse cultures, perspectives, and strategic interests swiftly bridges the gap between people and results. With extensive experience in multinational corporations, non-profit organizations, and government, I'm equally at ease working locally and internationally.


High performance teams

I enjoy coaching teams that deal with change issues, conflict, vision formation, changing composition, performance pressure, etc. I also provide training and workshops on high performing teams, and the continuous development of adults.  

Leadership mindset 

My focus is on developing your capacity for humane, credible, and results-oriented leadership. My coaching is an organized and intuitive process that engages your entire being. If you're looking for rapid progress, consider The Leadership Circle's 360 assessment.

Deep democracy

Working alongside a partner, I facilitate conversations that are so complex that it's almost impossible to truly hear each other, yet so crucial that listening becomes essential. Through calmness, structure, and a touch of playfulness, we create space for all perspectives and enhance decision-making. This approach is particularly valuable when there's no time to revisit decisions later on.


How I work

The human side of change is a subtle dance between intuitive human interaction and proven methods and techniques. That's why I tune into my intuition and am certified in, among other things:

  • Executive coach (360 Leadership Circle Profile)

  • Team performance coach (Team Diagnostic)

  • Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coach Federation, the worldwide standard for professional coaches

  • Professional Scrum Master at

  • Corporate anthropologist at the Academy of Organizational Development



At the heart of my work lies a mission: to bring back our humanity. Whether in leadership, teamwork, or organizational change, I strive to infuse trust,  compassion, and collaboration into every facet of what we do. It's a common thread that stitches together a more humane future. 

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