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Success is liking yourself, liking what you do and liking how you do it. 

Maya Angelou

This is my favorite quote about success. Even, or perhaps especially in a corporate environment. You've probably led transformations that were well-intentioned but didn't bring the results you hoped for—ones that got stuck in frustration and sluggish decision-making, where the way of working no longer felt enjoyable. It can be different. How?


Engaged employees: Transformations inherently are about the people in your organization. Involve them in the process and collaboratively create an honest and inspiring story.

Personal leadership: As a leader, you will find joy again when you see opportunities for personal growth and meaning, when you become the instrument that breaks down barriers between departments.

Emotional and Psychological Focus: Ultimately, emotion and psychology are always the decisive factors for success. Simply put, what we are and aren't motivated to do guides our actions.

Change is deeply personal and an opportunity for growth and transformation—for you, your team, and your organization. 

Transformation is both science and art

A successful transformation demands focus on the people side of change, from story to implementation. I facilitate this process. 

I facilitate programs, workshops and sessions that focus on:

  • Culture and behavior change: we role model the desired culture and behavior change within the organization.

  • Change narrative and engagement: together, we craft the story of change and enhance the personal engagement of leaders.

  • Personal transformation: we engage in open conversations about personal transformation and its contribution to organizational transformation.

  • Team development: we emphasize team development within the context of transformation, recognizing that strong teams often drive successful change.

  • Objectives and strategies: we ensure clear objectives, strategies, and change methods are in place.

  • Priority choices and Communication: we assist in making effective priority choices and communicating them powerfully.

  • Measurable success factors: we select measurable success factors to assess progress.

These sessions can take place in person, online, or in a hybrid format, leveraging valuable tools such as The Leadership Circle, Team Diagnostic, and Agile ways of working. 

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