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Great teams are built, not born. 

Team work is like a carefully crafted artwork, not something that happens by chance. True teams excel because they:

  • Work on developing human and business skills, much like painters perfecting their brushstrokes.

  • Courageously embrace discomfort and conflicts, like artists incorporating shadows and light into their work.

This requires the curiosity and honesty of each team member, along with the awareness that success is the result of a collective effort. It's rarely about a single hero; it's the interplay that makes a team something extraordinary, something they can proudly look back on.

Conscious collaboration

High-performing teams blend strong relationships with excellent alignment on content and objectives

Looking to transform into a high performing team? I provide training and coaching in essential skills and behaviours.

In team development training and workshops, I leverage established models and research on leadership and maturity. I integrate valuable assessments such as The Leadership Circle, Team Diagnostic, Management Drives and MBTI. 

My approach encompasses:

  • Shared goals: cultivating unity within the team around purpose, vision, and priorities, as shared goals form the core of an effective team.

  • Team coaching for growth: team coaching is directed at improving conversations, strengthening relationships, effectively addressing conflicts, and navigating the challenges of change.

  • Adult development: training sessions on how adults develop and relate to change. We focus on understanding the psychological and emotional aspects that play a role in personal growth and transformation.

  • Individual optimization: individual coaching for team members to optimize their contribution to the team and strengthen their specific role.

Together, we strive for the growth and effectiveness of the entire team.

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