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Healthy leaders build healthy organizations

Leadership development starts with you and is about others. That may sounds obvious, but it's one of the most challenging things for leaders to balance. We are constantly engaged in giving, serving, listening, deciding. This is sustainable only when you reflect on who you are, what your values are, and how you want to approach leadership.

With professional coaching, I provide support in your leadership journey. Together, we discuss goals such as:

  • Discovering and embracing your authentic leadership voice.

  • Aligning your intentions and your behavior.

  • Strengthening your skills for your new leadership role.

  • Navigating the transition to a new position.

  • Mastering complex relationships with stakeholders.

  • Thriving and growing as a leader, even in the most challenging and turbulent times.

  • Exploring your deepest personal values and what truly matters to you.

  • Learning and integrating various leadership styles.

I don't believe in perfection. I do believe that healthy leaders make the difference in the well-being and future of their organization.

Creative leadership

Your inner game is the foundation of your outer game. 

Reactive leadership

Want to grow in leadership effectiveness? I provide training and coaching in essential skills and behaviors.

My approach includes:

  • Coaching for executives and young professionals: I provide coaching in leadership, transformation, and transition for both seasoned leaders and young professionals.

  • Leadership in life's questions: I guide leaders through the questions that arise in the second half of life.

  • Customized training and workshops: I develop tailored training and workshops focused on leadership development.

  • Powerful tools: as a foundation for growth, I utilize reliable instruments such as The Leadership Circle and team tools like Management Drives and MBTI.

  • Acceleration for leaders: my approach is ideal for leaders aiming for rapid progress in their personal and professional development.

  • Collective growth in leadership: together with teams, I facilitate workshops centered on collective leadership growth, as I believe that the strength of a team is often the key to lasting success.

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