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C    RE leadership

You are happy in your leadership when you know who you are as a person and leader, and actively contribute to the well-being of others. 


Three-day leadership program. The next start date is March 29, 2023. 


CORE leadership

The starting point of leadership? 
That's you. 

In this leadership program you will learn to  deze driedaagse training leer je je eigen leiderschap kernachtig neerzetten. Je gaat terug naar de kern en van daaruit krachtig naar buiten. Menselijke leiderschap dat stroomt uit wie jij bent als mens. Met een ambitie om jouw leef- en werkwereld weer wat mooier te maken. Soft? Welnee. Menselijk leiderschap vraagt om een ruggengraat. Het is kwetsbaar, waardevol en nodig. 
In de training krijg je opdrachten die je helpen denken, voelen en ervaren. Je wordt goed gevoed met de meest recente onderzoeken op het gebied van leiderschapsontwikkeling en met kennis van de werking van je hersenen en emoties in leiderschap. Zodat jij jouw verhaal kan voortzetten met een vernieuwde ambitie, passend bij wie je bent. 

Why and for whom this training

CORE was developed with a touch of idealism. We believe that leadership is something that makes people happy and belongs to everyone. For you too. You too lead in your own sphere of influence, in your own living and working world. Maybe you're a leader with a big stage, or maybe you have a reach of one person. You are a leader where you are: at work, at home with your loved ones or elsewhere in your community. 

CORE leadership is  a training 

  • it is about who you are as a leader and what you consider important in your leadership; 

  • that helps you discover which positive contribution you want to make to your own environment, no matter how big or small. 

  • which focuses on your response when you sometimes feel dizzy with all the changes and your ambition loses sight;

  • that focuses on the sustainable development of your leadership. So that together we can make the world a little more beautiful again. 

What is your CORE?

CORE leadership is for leaders who want to lead from their own personal core. Who look for satisfaction in their leadership, and want their leadership to be credible, authentic and personal. Who believe with us that the world will be a bit more beautiful again when more people stand up and actively contribute to the well-being of others. Who are ready to develop their own leadership template, and to applaud the other's. Or as one participant put it: "It felt like a journey into my soul. I loved it! I got so much more out of it than I anticipated". 

4 universal leadership themes

With CORE you deepen your leadership based on four universal leadership themes 

  • Love:go out into the world with healthy faith in your own dignity, talent and potential to lead, and see and develop the same in others. Connection to yourself and others, and generosity to the world around you. 

  • Conscience:grow by knowing who you are, where you come from and what matters to you. So that you can define your own leadership style and lead with credibility and authenticity. Deepen by developing a habit of self-reflection and learning.  

  • Maneuverability:adapt to a changing world, look around the next corner with confidence, because you know what your values are. Knowing what leadership is required of you in times of change. 

  • Ambition:moving forward with imagination and energy because you know who you want to be in this world, taking advantage of the opportunities that present themselves. The place where dreams and practice come together.


Do you want to be a leader with a positive impact in your living and working world? Sign up! 

What you're going to do

Intake - after registration you will receive a scan on the personal and professional roles in your life and on the four themes above. They give you insight into where you are now. We discuss the results of this scan during the intake so that you can start the training with focus. 

Day 1 Awareness– insight into your own story. Important for you and also for the people around you. After all, you lead from who you are, from your own CORE. Leadership is lifelong development and you learn about other patterns so that you can continue to develop yourself, even after these days. 

Day 2 Agility and ambition– deepening in leadership and core values. This day is about the foundation of your personal and public leadership. Your story continues and translates into ambition, into a desire to achieve something. In the morning you will learn theory and best practices about these themes, after which you will actively work on your own CORE in the afternoon.  

Day 3 Love– deepening in love, connection and power in leadership. Do they go together? On this last day you will learn from psychology about how your emotions and thinking patterns work when developing new leadership patterns. You investigate which of your patterns need a breakthrough to give your leadership a new impulse.  

Coach conversation- you schedule this conversation yourself, for a moment that is meaningful to you. You decide what you bring in. 


Thanks to the deepening of the content and the practical tools and templates, you will have more than enough material after training to continue shaping your leadership from your own CORE. So that with a touch of idealism you become a better leader for your living and working world. 


Are you interested or stimulated and don't know yet if you want to register? Call us or email us via the link below. We like and probably we can answer your questions. 

Who what where

Wednesday March 29, April 19, May 10, 2023. All days are from 9am to 5pm. 

A green location in the middle of the Netherlands, near Amersfoort

€1,450 excluding VAT, including catering

Read below how we deal with covid restrictions. 

The group size is 6-15 participants

Prefer with your own team or in-company? Which can. You canhere contact us. 

Would you like extra coaching with 1 of the trainers? Which can. You canherecontact us. 

€1,450 excluding VAT, including catering

The trainers

YW-Geertruyt110 -2- B.jpg

Aukelien van Abbema

GZ psychologist and therapist

Geertruyt Stokes
Leadership trainer and change expert

06 52305770

The trainers collectively bring a bulk of practical experience and theoretical foundation. Gained from years of work with clients, large groups and an enormous diversity of clients. In the field of behavioral change, leadership, culture and transformations. Our joint strength lies in the bundling of our broad and in-depth knowledge about leadership and people, and the ability to quickly apply that knowledge in a practical way. In our own lives we try to continuously strengthen the four leadership themes in the foundation of our own leadership. 


We give this training live when possible. That is our preference. That is why we have reserved a very spacious room. If there is no other option due to covid measures, we will go online. Both trainers have a lot of experience with online training, coaching and therapy. So the training will always take place, either live or online, on the original date. 


We train corona-proof, so with 1.5 meters away and a lot of ventilation. Bring something warm for the colder days! If you are unable to attend a training, even if this is due to a cold or corona cases in your immediate vicinity, our regular cancellation conditions apply. You will not receive a refund, but you can always send a replacement.

How we work together

We work co-actively. The trainers provide content and exercises, you make the content your own. You do this at your own pace. This requires an active and learning attitude. The more you do, the more you learn, the more it sticks, the more you and your environment benefit from it. In addition to the training days, this means making room for reading, reflection exercises and getting together with your buddies. 

You get input to process. Sometimes by reading beforehand, sometimes by a presentation during the training. You decide how much you take in advance. There are many exercises for self-reflection. Some we do during the training, others you get along and you do these at a time in your life when it makes sense for you. 


You learn at least as much from each other as from the trainers. There are interaction exercises, and there is also a buddy system. You will also meet with your small group in addition to the training days. This can be virtual or F2F. It helps if you do reflection exercises beforehand, but you don't have to. 

You register by email by clicking on the orange button below. ​After receipt we will send a confirmation and preparation for the intake. 

Image by Maja Petric
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