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Do you want to experience pleasure and meaning in your leadership? Weat who you benefit as a person and leader, actively contribute to the welfare of others and you've come a long way. 


Three-day leadership program. The next start date is April 19 2023. 

"There's no art to staying young, put that out of your mind. There's an art to getting old, that's an art."
Show Hermans

When you are in your mid-40s, you suddenly direct your gaze more to the other side. Those of the elderly. That used to be a ghost image, today it looks very different. We are getting older, staying healthy longer, working longer, more often opting for a different arrangement of our lives and are freed from the urge to prove. There is still a very beautiful second half to live.


What do you want to do with that? Are you making a sharp turn in your career? Do you get rid of the peripheral issues and focus on what really matters to you? What is your relationship with your changing body? 


With theThe Second Halfdo you take leadership over your second half. 

What is repurpose about

With Repurpose you take the rest and space to consciously think through and feel your midlife transition from the first to the second half of your life. Based on the themes below, you can go in-depth to your ideal second half. 

Self awareness

What stage of life am I in now and what happens to my heart, head, body and soul? What does recent research tell us about midlife and what can I do with it? Deepening by learning and reflecting again. 


Adapting to a changing stage of life in a changing world. Look around the next corner again, knowing what your values are. Agility is no stranger to you, but you now know better what you say "yes" and "no" to. 


Moving forward with joy and meaning because you know who you want to be in your second half, using the life wisdom and experience you bring with you. Time for new dreams. 


Go out into the world with healthy faith in your own life choices, and help others with theirs. Connection to yourself and others, and generosity to the world around you. 

What it gets you
In 6 conversations we will work with your head, heart, body and soul through alternating
  to work with theory and exercises. We do this on the basis of the above 4 themes. At the end of Repurpose you will have the following in your hands. 

Adult life is simply too long to not get to a point. and give room for renewal. 

That there is plenty of life in the second half is evident from the inspiring examples of Dick and Rietje. They both worked early on a second half that they now live with joy, compassion and meaning. Would you like to be inspired by beautiful, lived examples of people from your own family and friends? Click on the photos for their story.   

Reed Baker
Visual artist

Rietje picked up the brush at the age of 50. She now gives exhibitions and workshops.where we met. 

Dick Carpenter
Parchment maker

My uncle Dick is a true craftsman and supplies parchment to institutions such as the Rijksmuseum.  Even now that he is 80. 

How do we work together?


We work co-actively. The program offers you content and exercises, you make the inhoud own.You can do this at your own pace. This requires an active and learning attitude. The more you do, the more you learn, the more it sticks, the more you benefit from it. This meant make room for reading and doing reflection exercises in addition to the conversations. Together we determine what is a pleasant and stimulating balance for you. 

You get input to process. Sometimes by reading beforehand, sometimes by sharing knowledge during a conversation. You decide how much you take in advance. In addition, there are exercises that help you to deepen or to get that different perspective. We do some exercises during the conversations, others you get along and you can do at a time in your life when it is  makes sense for you. 


We meet 1 on 1, on a Tuesday or Friday, for 1 to 1.5 hours. 

You prepare for the conversations by reading material and doing reflection exercises. You decide how much you do.

Aalsmeer or virtually via Zoom or Teams

€1,250 excluding VAT

Would you like to do this program with your team or in-company? Which can. You can here contact me.   

Would you like to get acquainted first? Which can. Takeherecontact us for an informal introduction of half an hour. 

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