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Leadership development for change that matters

Who you are is how you lead. 

I bring leaders and professionals together to discuss meaningful leadership and meaningful change. Lead with love, self-awareness, adaptability and ambition. For yourself, your work, your organization, your loved ones or your community. 

How we work

People focused

Empathy and responsibility are key ingredients for change that matters. We connect people with each other, the organization and the customer.  

Proven methods

Solid coaching, training and consulting methods, certified in our field. Use of latest research on people and leadership. 

Purpose driven

Contributing to a better world. Daring to be idealistic and to make this world just this little bit better, action by action.   

Geertruyt Stokes

Leadership coach and change expert. 

In 2011 I started my own business and specialized in leadership and change that really matters. Change that makes happy. Because of its actual impact, and because of the way it is done. Such change asks for a different type of leadership. From everyone. Also from me and, from you. Core leadership was born. 

With over 20 years of experience at organizations such as multinationals, tech companies, governments, schools and with amazing individuals, I help to sustainably strengthen change leadership. As a (team) coach I am certified by the International Coach Federation (PCC) and by Team Coaching International.


I fulfill roles as change expert, trainer, coach, team coach and sparring partner.

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Working with others means more impact and more fun. For my clients, my partners and  myself. I work with people who are complementary and bring in their own expertise. Together we can facilitate groups because we speak the same leadership language. We share our values and drive, and just enjoy working together. 


Aukelien van Abbema

Phychologist and philosopher

Aukelien is a psychologist and philosopher and is specialized in focused therapy. She connects deep thinking with practical action and doesn't avoid discomfort in conversations that matter. Life can be difficult at times but not as complicated as we sometimes make it. With clear language she will take you along to how the wondrous working of our brain and our emotions work together in changing our patterns. 

Stefanie van Orsouw

Customer journey and leadership

Stefanie van Orsouw fills the room with energy when we talk about customer journeys and customer focus. In no-time she translates abstract concepts into a concrete action plan, with an equal focus on the measurability of the goals and the emotional connection to the goals. 

As a consultant and teamcoach she never tires to help you bring your customer journey from a dream to your daily reality. 


Yvet Beckers

Team coach

Yvet Beckers is teamcoach with heart and soul. She has mastered giving space to the other, both in and outside the context of teams. Her strength is listening. We enjoy exchanging thoughts and ideas about the dynamics in teams and in systems, and about developments in our shared expertise of team coaching. And thanks to her pragmatic nature, we easily move from brainstorming to concrete output. Her slogan: "your team can be proud!". 

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