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C    RE leadership

Do you want to experience pleasure and meaning in your leadership? Weat who you benefit as a person and leader, actively contribute to the welfare of others and you've come a long way. 


Three-day leadership program. The next start date is April 19 2023. 

The starting point of leadership? That's you. 

Back to your core to reach out with strength. That is what good leaders have in common. They know who they are and understand that leadership is about others. Each in their own way and with their own style. Personal and effective. 

Who are you as a leader and what do you want to contribute to the world you life and work in? 

What our participants say

Senior Change Manager

This is what was in it for me: an unprecedented insight into myself and my strengths, how I can leverage these to further develop my leadership skills, a super specific plan for the near future and getting to know some really great people.

For who is CORE leadership

CORE leadership is the leadership program for anyone who wants to learn to lead from their own core and to contribute to a better world. At work, at home or in your community. 

Rising leaders in the organization thinking about the kind of leader they want to be. 

Senior leaders wanting to invet in a positive work culture.

Professionals wanting to have a positive influence in their work. 

For anyone who reads this, and thinks: this is also for me. For work, home or any place.  

Image by Maja Petric
A new time asks for new leadership
make your leadership count

The strength of CORE leadership


The last 20 years leadership development has changed significantly due to psychological, sociological, anthropological and business development research. We richly tap into the newest insights.


CORE starts from intrinsic, personal leadership. From who you are as a person, what your core looks like and you have to give to the world you live and work in. So that your leadership matters. 



Development costs time. That is why we do not train 3 consecutive days. We spread the days, with enough time in between to do exercises, meet with your sub group and let the new learning settle in your being.

Leadership starts with, and is about the other. At work, at home or in your community.  

In a beautiful location in nature. Let your senses 
stimulating in the interaction with the location and their vision for society. 

4 universal themes
  1. Self awareness

  2. Agility

  3. Ambition

  4. Love

What you will get is customization

The trainers

We work with your thinking, feeling and experiencing. We will introduce you to the latest research on leadership development, the working of psychology and real life stories (preview: charisma is highly overrated). You will actively move from your story, to the effect of your emotions and patterns on your leadership, to your own ambition and desire to achieve something you will be proud of. 

What you will do

With CORE leadership you will meet 3 x 1 day, 3 weeks apart. 


You will deepen the 4 universal leadership themes, supported by recent research on specific topics or skills. For each theme you will get theory, best practices and exercises. Thinking, feeling, experiencing. 

Before your start we will do an intake so that you will start the program with your own focus. 

In between the training days you will meet with your sub group of 2 people, and you will do an exercise as preparation for the next training day. 

During or after the program there is opportunity for a private coaching conversation. You will plan this conversation when it is most beneficial for you. 

Read more about CORE leadership in the brochure

Who, what, where

Wednesday 29 March, 19 April, 10 May 2023. All days from 9-17h.

A green location in the middle of The Netherlands, Amersfoort area.    

€1.450,- excluding BTW, including catering

The size of the group is 6-15 participants

You would like extra coaching from one of the trainers? That's possible. You can contact us  here.

€1,450 excluding VAT, including catering

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